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Starlink Installations

  • Starlink Installations


  • ABC Aerials Exeter would be pleased to give you a free estimate for all your Star Link satellite installation requirements.

    We are able to do a bespoke installation at your property with a wide choice different types of brackets and fixings in stock to install your Starlink system.

    The technology is new, but we have been installing aerials and satellite dishes for well over 30 years, so we really know how to install your dish securely.


    The last thing you want is your new investment blowing off the roof or falling off the wall. Starlink dishes are heavy and need to installed correctly and we know how to do this.

    The cable run - Whilst we take the greatest of care installing your system we are unable to shorten or extend the cable supplied with it, however we can usually hide the excess away somewhere. All entry holes are sealed with waterproof sealant. Your dish comes with 100 feet of pre wired cable. 

    Provided we can get clear line of site to the satellites in the sky there are many different installations that we are able to do, chimney’s, gable ends, flat roofs, up in the garden or even on the garage roof. We just need to do a site survey to confirm the final position of your Starlink dish. 

    Unfortunately we do not sell Starlink satellite internet systems but you can purchase them from here


    Please feel free to email me with your enquires regarding Starlink installations.

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Free planning and advice


  • Free planning and advice

    We are able to offer you our advice and planning services on the following: New builds, bespoke installations, restoration projects, upgrades and repairs.