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Bird Spikes and Chimney Cowls : ABC Aerials Exeter

  • Bird Spikes

  • If you're fed up with birds on your chimney,sitting on your aerial or nesting we can help.

    Chimney Cowl

    Bird Cowl

    We can install bird guards which will prevent birds from entering your chimney reducing the risk of a fire. We can also install chimney cowls to reduce the amount of rain entering the top of your chimney.


    Bird Spikes

    Bird Spikes

    We can install bird spikes in various locations to reduce bird nesting and roosting. This can reduce mess and damage to your property.


    Aerial Spikes

    Birdspikes for aerials

    Plastic aerial spikes are now available to discourage birds from sitting on your aerial or satellite dish and thus reducing damage and soiling.